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go to Frontpage A future development for Jabatex Group includes enlarging our yarn spindle factory by 120,000 spindles for the production of Ne 50'S and Ne 60'S combed yarns.

In the fabric sector, Jabatex estimates that our production of fabric will gradually reach 3,000 tons per month. In anticipating both the global markets and higher demand for quality fabrics, the Jabatex Group will enlarge its production scope to include 60'S, 80'S, Mercerized Yarn and Top Dye fabrics.

Always building toward the future, Jabatex is targetting increased annual growth rates by producing value-added products, focusing on employee training and skills development, and by maintaining strength through integrated, synergistic production.

PT Jabatex has the facilities, the manpower and the technical expertise to progress from its already solid customer base and a growing market. We will continue to integrate our operations so that we are even more competitive and efficient. In the years to come Jabatex will also continue its management development through education programs that are geared towards cost reductions and efficiency.

For Indonesia this century will see strong market growth and increased prosperity. Quality goods and services will be in higher demand as the country's requirements become more diverse and sophisticated. This increasing demand for quality has encouraged Jabatex to feature flexibility in its product line and to diversify into other product areas. In this way, Jabatex will continue to be a world-class company committed to excellence and the self-sufficiency of Indonesia's manufacuring inbase.
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