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go to Frontpage As an integrated textile industry that produces quality products with well-known brand names, the Jabatex Group has succeeded in expanding its marketing network in line with domestic and international market needs.

Acknowledgement of the high quality of Jabatex Group's products is proven by their wide international acceptance. In 1996, 50 % of Jabatex Group's total sales were aimed at the international market including Europe, the USA and other Asian countries.

Of the total exports, 90 % was of cotton yarn, 10 % of fabrics and other cotton products. As this time Jabatex spinneries produce 40 % of the total export of cotton yarn from Indonesia to Japan. The company also enjoys a 30 % share of Indonesia's largest market, Jakarta. Our finished fabric products are 90 % targetted to domestic export-oriented companies as our products are very competitive.
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