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Jabatex has more than 30 years of specialty experience in knitting, dyeing, and finishing. With a capacity of more than 500 knitting achines producing 21,000 tons of fabrics annually, Jabatex is one of the largest fabrics producers in the world. With a wide range of machinery, Jabatex produces several fabric types required by domestic and international markets. Located in Pasar Kemis Tangerang, near Jakarta, the 17 hectare Jabatex knitting factory employs 1,000 workers and features various types of machinery, including modern circular knitting machines for single jerseys, interlocks, rib, strippers and varied gauge flat knit. PT.Jabatex

Walking into our enormous knitting facility is to get a feel for Jabatex's incredible production capacity. All Jabatex sophisticated knitting machines are built to meet the technical requirements of domestic and overseas fabric buyers and garment producers. Operating 24-hours a day the large number of Jabatex's knitting machines, a combination of conventional and authomatic types, are testimony to Jabatex's growth in the years since its founding.


From our knitting machines, Jabatex's fabric material is sent for final dyeing and finishing process before being sent to our customers. Jabatex's outstanding fabric is prized in many markets over the world for its design and durability.

The JABATEX dyeing and finishing factory has an annual production capacity of 24,000 tons, employs 1,000 experienced workers, and features such modern equipment as Pre-treatment, Mercerizing, Gas singing, and Scouring Bleaching machines. Our facilities also include Cotton Yarn, TC, CVC, TR, Polyester, Rayon and Acrylic fabric dyeing machines, and Finishing Fleece, Stantering, Weiss Calender, Wet Calender, Dryer machines.

This factory also features various types of high technology brand name machines which are well-known in the fabric world such as Sando, Monfort, Nissen, and Hisaka. Supported by a high-tech laboratory, Jabatex has mastered dyeing technology and continually conducts research and development testing to maintain and increase quality control and fabric variety.

PT.JabatexThe 20 hectare Jabatex dyeing and finishing factory in Cibodas Tangerang, on the outskirts of Jakarta, is strategically located near a natural water resource that is a requirement of the dyeing process.
The factory is also equipped with an integrated waste processing system which allows the factory to operate nonstop under environmentally sound conditions.
Jabatex's colorful fabric textures are developed in-house at our computerized design studio that produces thousands of designs every years. Jabatex's designs are initiated in part through customer feedback from our international agent offices and by the creative touch of out designers.
The care taken by our designers is matched by those who direct our computer controlled processing which produces beautiful precise knitted products at the exact specifications required by our customers.

PT.Jabatex Jabatex's end product, affordable, durable, comfortable cotton fabrics for shirts to skirts to sportswear are used by a number of famous international fashion houses around the globe. The beaty within Jabatex's products is not just in their final quality and design but also in that each production component, from our yarns to high-fashion fabrics, are exported to clients in many different countries. For Jabatex that means we are doing our part to develop Indonesia's manpower and technological expertise as well as helping to make the country less dependent on imported products.

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