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go to Frontpage PT Jabatex is a first-class knitted fabric manufacturer serving both the domestic and international market. The Company's experience for more than three decades, as well as a resolute objective to be the best, has positioned Jabatex as one of largest fabric producers in Indonesia.

PT Jabatex has an excellent reputation among its customers and the general public, both with respect to quality and trust. We have archieved this reputation through experience, expertise skill and deep commitment.

ownerJabatex was established by Mr. Effendi Gunawan in 1964 as a home industry, with just one knitting machine. After almost 35 years, Jabatex is today diversely integrated and ultra-modern, and one of the largest cotton yarn and fabrics groups in Southeast Asia. With its mission and vision supported by experience, Mr. Gunawan officially established PT Jabatex in 1975. This opened opportunities to extend the Company's operational specialties such as Knitting, Dyeing and Finishing.

In order to secure a smooth supply of raw materials, Jabatex Group established 3 spinneries. Reflective of its business development PT Jabatex also expanded its dyeing and finishing activities by relocating to a new plant, with a total annual production capacity of 24,000 tons. Jabatex yarn products meet international standards for quality, as proven by our exports which absorb up to 90 % of the total production.

Jabatex's vision for growth is part of a larger picture that incorporates its business philosophy to maximize efficiency and resource throughout the entire Group. This philosophy makes Jabatex what it is today; an exporter throughout the world especially to Japan, Hongkong, China, Europe and USA, with three major production facilities and thousands of employees.
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